Thoughts about 2007 MS Outlook Beta 2

Yeah, the new Office System looks nice! Its new ribbon interface is much easier to use than the old-school menu based stuff, although we don't get the ribbon in all Office apps. What a pity!

The new version of Outlook is a big jump forward in my eyes. Well, as it's a beta version, it has some behaviors that hopefully won't appear in the final version.

One thing I don't like is the buggy search engine, which, if it is not crashing during a search through all emails, doesn't find anything you want. Did a search for some mails about an offer for printing t-shirts for my classmates and me but it didn't find a single one. I had to find them manually by browsing the whole bunch of e-mails from last month, which was very annoying and unproductive. I hope the final version will feature a fixed version of the windows desktop search engine which finds what you need!

I like the new preview pane for mails, where you can not only watch the text of the mail, but also the attachments without a need to open the file in another program. The preview of the mails itself seems a bit buggy in comparison to outlook 2003 but i think this problems will be adressed and won't appear in the final version.

Did I mention that the new version is slower than the older one? No, well, now you know it! That needs to be fixed!

That's it for the first glance on Outlook, will post more about discrepancies or cool new features that catch my eyes in the future.


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