Thoughts about Windows Vista Beta 2

Although other people like Chris Pirillo have posted alot of feedback around the beta 2 of vista, I have to add some things that i don't like:

When i round trip in windows explorer, using the keyboard to navigate is not possible unless you select a folder or file with the mouse. this makes it unimpossible to navigate by keyboard. note that this behavior can only be seen when you opened another place in it after you opened the windows explorer itself. Hopefully this is just a bug.

Why does the sidebar have 1 pixel transparent borders on the left and right side when it is in the "in front" mode? It doesn't have those borders when set to normal.

Why do some Controls like scrollbars or also some buttons have a nice rollover fade animation effect while others don't? Compare for example hovering over the breadcrumbs bar, the drop down arrow of the search field or the scroll bars in windows explorer with the task buttons in the taskbar, the windows orb, the selections in the start menu and many more.

Why are the shadows of drop down menus, tooltips and other stuff not perspectively correct in comparison to the glass window shadows?

Why are there shadows in a completely wrong direction in windows defender and system settings with ultimate extras information in comparison to the glass window shadows?

Why don't I get focus in the address field of IE after pressing ALT+T for opening up a new tab?

Why are there sometimes black or white blocks instead of the content of a window when starting a program or dialog? I thought it gets all rendered through the graphics card and direct x, never saw such artifacts in games!

Why do I need to see window flickering/artifacts when resizing a window (with correctly redraw of the windows contents/controls lagging behind the window size)? this is somewhat outdated, don't we have 2006 and fast computers? why doesn't it just resize it internally, wait for a corrected version and than draw it to the screen or something like that?

The mouse dialog has the same mouse icon as it was used since win 95. Very classic.

What about the syncronisation portion in the control panel? Will it get fancy in the final release or will it just look like as silly as it does now, with now obvious functionality?

Why do the minimize and maximize animations flicker or disappear when you have a window in maximized state and minimize or maximize a normal sized explorer window in front of it?

Will continue this list when i have time to dig deeper into the beta 2 of vista.


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